The Unstoppable Generation


The Unstoppable Generation -

The word unstoppable means - Not stop-able

To be Unstoppable implies that the person or individual cannot be stopped by any means.

My eDictionary defines Unstoppable as

- someone or something that cannot be stopped or

- someone or something that cannot be surpassed or simply put as

- Unbeatable

In the bible from the old to the new testaments, 3 unique individuals are close to satisfying this quality of life, state of being or condition in their walk with the Almighty God.

These three individuals could also easily qualify by mortal standard and human judgement to be unstoppable during their lifetime.

Quickly for the sake of time, let us look at the following individuals in the bible and see what set them apart from others mentioned in the entire bible. These individuals must be people of exceptional characters and personalities.

(A) Abel - Genesis 4:1-5

Genesis 4:4

God had respect unto him as a person and also for his generous gift offered as a result of his love, respect, and honor for the Living God.

My question to us this evening from Abel's life is that

(1) How much does my gifts (Offerings and Tithes) unto the Lord my God reflect my love for Him daily.

Even after he was wickedly killed by his own blood brother for doing what is right in the sight of God, it was recorded in Genesis 4:10 that his blood or biblically his eternal life still speaks better and glorious things concerning Him to the Lord. He was unstoppable and unbeatable even in his earthly death.

My second questions to us from the life of this unstoppable patriarch of faith is that,

(2) Would your life become unstoppable and blood (life) cried unto the Living God after your passage from this world?

(3) What would your blood (life) cry for? Better promises or evil consequences?

What distinguish Abel from men and women of his generation,

He loves God more than the treasures of this life.

Noah could easily have qualified by my own estimation except for his drunken problem and condition that led him to cursing his younger (middle) son Ham the father of the Canaan according to Genesis 9: 18-29.

His curse brought down one generation from his lineage to utter destruction.

(B) Jacob (renamed Israel by God) - Genesis 28- 35

Jacob had a very rough beginning but one of the most beautiful end story.

- He listened and obeyed the voice of his parents - Genesis 28:6-7

- He became a positive influence to his twin brother - Genesis 28:8-9

- He had great encounter with God due to his obedience - Genesis 28:10-19

- He covenanted himself with God from the his youth - Genesis 28:20-22

- He had the most awesome relationship and fellowship with God that allows him to experience divine favor and breakthroughs with God like no other human in the bible as documented in Genesis 28-35.

- He was loved, favored, blessed and protected in an unusual way despite his early life - Genesis 32:1-12

- He was the only human being documented to have wrestled with God and prevailed or unstoppable. - Genesis 32:24-30

- He set himself and his entire family apart unto God to serve Him faithfully and obediently all the days of his life - Genesis 35 1-15

- He was so loved by God that He gave him a new covenant name (Isreal) Gen. 35:10

(C) Joseph - the precious and beloved son of Jacob (Isreal) Genesis 37-40

Joseph is the favorite son of Jacob (Isreal) and he made him a coat of many colors.

- He was loved first for his truthfulness and honesty to expose the evils of his brother Reuben in sleeping with his dad's wife - Genesis 37:1-4

- He was afterward hated by his brethren because of his truthfulness a

- He was a unique dreamer and his dreams brought him to limelight and stardom in becoming the Prime Minister of Egypt.

- He was loved by God and He protected him all through his affliction in the land of slavery from Potiphar's house to the prison and finally to the throne - Genesis 37:40

Sold as slave - Genesis 37:26-28

Potiphar servant - Genesis 37:1-23

- He was shown mercy, favored and promoted to the throne -

(D) Joshua - Joshua 1-24

- He was courageous just as God as told him.

- He fought many battles and had victories on all sides of his life for the people.


(E) Daniel - Daniel 1-12

- He purposed in his mind, spirit, soul and body not to defile himself with anything that defiles and profane the name of his God.

- He stood firm and faithful till the very end

- He separated himself unto his God

- He was faithful till the end

Let us Check what was written about his life in the final days of his life - Daniel 12:9-13


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