Forget Not His Benefits

Psalms 103: 1-22

King David's Story: David was forgotten by his family. David was the youngest in his family that was chosen to be the next king of Israel. After being annointed as a king he had to wait about 15 years to be appointed. During those years of waiting, David almost lost his life from the hand of King Saul.

David’s elder brother Eliab almost stood in the way of David’s showcasing his gifts before King Saul. David committed adultery with his Chief of Army’s wife and then commanded him to be murder so that he can cover up his sins. David’s Son Absalom gang up with other people in order to overthrown his father. David’s son Amnon rape his sister Tamar and Absalom revenge by killing Amnon. King David fought many wars and God gave him victory in all of them. King David had a very rough life. He had a lot of ups and down. He had to continually remind his “Soul” to Bless the Lord.

Why did King David command His Soul to Bless the Lord?

David Knew his Soul was the intellectual part of his Body. As someone rightly said, “Your Soul is the birthplace of all your feelings, emotions and desires.” Your Soul does not always want to Bless the Lord due to some situations it has found itself. Your Soul needs to be commanded to Bless the Lord.

God forgives all our sins. Rom 3:23, Mark 2:7, Rom 6:23, Ps 103:10,12 God heals all our diseases. Exo 15:26, Deu 7:15, Jer 30:17,John 11:4 God redeems our life from destruction. John 3:16, Ps 34:19,46:1,138:7 God crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies. Lam 3:22, Ps 103:11,13,17

Benefits: God satisfies your mouth with good things. Ps 34:10, 37:4, I Tim 6:17-19, 2 Peter 1:3, Ps 84:11. God renews our youth like the eagles. Isa 40:29,31,41:10,Ps 73:26, Phil 4:13. Eagles are admired for their symbols of power and freedom.

Are we ready to Bless the Lord for all His Benefits?

One of the Ten Lepers understood his benefits and he return to Jesus to Bless Him for the healing he received. Luke 17:11-19 What Benefits have we enjoyed in the year 2016? Are we ready to Bless His Name? Let us rise and Bless His Holy name!

#Davidsstory #ForgetnotHisbenefits

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